America Square Conference Centre, London

The digital world provides children and young people with ever-expanding opportunities for learning and discovery, but also increasing threats to their wellbeing and safety.


The 3rd national conference on Safeguarding Children in the Digital Age brings together some of the country’s leading experts and practitioners. It will provide essential learning on the principal dangers, and equip you with the understanding, skills and confidence to enable children and young people to stay safe online in 2019 and beyond.


The conference, on Wednesday 27th March 2019, will enable delegates to:

  • Gain an overview of existing policy and practice on online safety
  • Understand professionals’ duties and responsibilities to safeguard children online
  • Keep pace with changes in children’s consumption of digital media, and the opportunities and risks this presents
  • Meet Ofsted requirements to keep children safe online by implementing effective practice beyond a ‘tick-box’ approach
  • Understand ways to develop ‘digital resilience’ and critical thinking skills in children and young people
  • Learn effective approaches to prevent and combat cyberbullying, radicalisation and online grooming
  • Develop e-safety strategies for children with special educational needs and disabilities, and for young people in care
  • Identify and respond effectively to incidents of sexting
  • Discuss practical ways to support young people to develop critical literacy and counter violent extremist narratives
  • Learn ways to set the foundations for children’s digital safety in the early years
  • Engage parents and carers effectively to keep children safe online
  • Protect staff and professionals’ reputation online

Who should attend?

  • Local authority children's and families' services
  • Heads of safeguarding and safeguarding managers
  • LCSB chairs and members
  • Primary and secondary school headteachers and deputies
  • Heads of year
  • Heads of youth services and youth service managers
  • Early help teams
  • Child protection teams
  • Children's social workers
  • Foster care and residential care managers
  • Pastoral leads and subject heads
  • School nurses
  • SEND professionals
  • Educational psychologists
  • Education welfare officers
  • School governors
  • Nursery owners and proprietors 
  • Nursery and children's centre managers
  • Local authority early years heads
  • Early years advisers
  • CAMHS professionals
  • Children's and young people's charities
  • The academic community

What delegates said about our previous Safeguarding in the Digital Age conferences

“I particularly liked the positive angle that underpinned all the sessions - lots of implementation strategies and guidance given throughout”


“A really well-run conference. Speakers were accessible and the venue was superb, as well as the management and catering”

“Exceeded expectations – excellent conference content. Lots to take away from today.”